Consumers, such as those from Quebec, are placing more and more importance on the traceability, the origin and the quality of what they eat.

During the construction, renovation or expansion of a factory or a building, an agri-food company must be able to maintain the quality of its production. And meet the evolving requirements standard for mass retailing and food safety.

Before starting an agri-food construction project, you must be prepared to meet the obligation to produce safe, good quality food.

Regulations impose specific production and conservation conditions on industries. In Quebec, agri-food companies are themselves collaborating in creating new legislation on traceability, and are thus constantly improving the quality of food.

In the case of an agri-food construction project, a factory / warehouse expansion, or an agri-food building renovation, it is essential that food safety standards be met. In terms of regulation, it is important to manage and develop the performance of products, services and organization: maintaining production while carrying out an agri-food construction project is an issue that many companies are facing.

A general contractor in agro-industrial construction must be able to ensure the continuity of the factory production line, whether it’s a renovation or an expansion of work. Solutions exist to guarantee the maintenance and quality of the production line, such as the “Works, Time & Materials” service offered by some contractors, making it possible to provide material resources and the labour required in this context.

Transparency in risk management in the areas of quality, hygiene and food safety is very important. Many standards exist in Quebec: they provide guarantees for foodstuffs and the systems in place to control hygiene and the quality of products. Thus, selecting an agri-food manufacturer is based on various mandatory aspects, and the final choice comes down to respecting standards and regulations.

An agri-food construction contractor must have different training, and should respect recognized standards.


Food security is a real challenge for all companies involved in this field. To meet the needs of the industry in terms of agri-food construction, the aim of HACCP accreditation is to know, define and prevent dangers of any kind concerning food safety.

Risk analysis, critical control points, food safety hazard prevention: the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ensures your production complies with regulations.

Thus, entrusting an agri-food construction project to a general contractor who meets HACCP standards ensures that production meets the requirements for your industry.


The role of the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) is to verify the systems in place for the control of food safety. SQFI certification, recognized by the GFSI, guarantees control over evaluation standards, while adding a quality component that other certifications do not have.

Choosing an agri-food or agro-industrial construction contractor who meets SQFI standards ensures the quality of the production chain, as well as food safety. Thus, as part of your construction, renovation or agribusiness expansion, your contractor will guarantee that the quality of production that your company was able to implement initially will continue, in accordance with the most stringent standards for your industry.


The Global Food Safety Initiative is one of the key players in the agri-food industry; its role is to optimally define continuous improvement of food safety management systems.

Your agri-food construction company must comply with the standards dictated by the GFSI in order to guarantee your safety in your daily production  and in the work carried out in your factory or agro-food / agro-industrial building, from start to finish.


The Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ) (Quebec council of food processors) is an institution that represents and defends the interests of its members, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the food-processing sector in Quebec.

By selecting a general contractor who is a member of the CTAQ, you will be assured of his expertise in all areas of the food industry: bakery, water, maple industry, micro-distillery, poultry, etc. Your agri-food manufacturer and CTAQ member will be able to meet your specific requirements and constraints related to your sector of the industry.


The ISN network collects information about the safety standards and performance of construction companies, and submits them to suppliers or other companies. The goal is to facilitate the connection between manufacturers, their stakeholders and their customers, by simplifying the communication of the information needed to carry out any type of project (insurance documents, certifications, safety programs and standards).


Your agri-food construction contractor must ensure that his subcontractors are qualified, in order  to reduce risks and improve health and safety performance. By working with Cognibox, your general contractor proves the quality and competence of his workforce, which is selected to meet your specific requirements.


This system allows your agro-industrial manufacturer to manage the compliance of their workforce, subcontractors and workplaces.

Coupled with Cognibox, the Complyworks solution ensures that the contractor selected for your construction, renovation or agri-business expansion will provide you with an expert workforce, trained, and able to set up a business environment with safe construction and in accordance with the strict regulations for this field.

Streamlining its operations provides savings in time and money.

Through the expertise of this qualified workforce, you ensure that the intervention of your builder will be effective and the work can start quickly, in compliance with all the constraints imposed.

It’s really essential to choose the right contractor in terms of meeting requirements for certifications and training programs. Some agro-food and agro-industrial construction companies comply with all these training requirements and certifications. In Quebec, Frare & Gallant, general contractor in Laval, is the leader in agri-food and agro-industrial construction. The company makes every effort to offer the best solutions adapted to your needs. With its expert and multi-talented team, it will successfully carry out your construction, renovation and expansion projects.