Construction Project Management

A formula based on an open and participative management: it is the preferred solution for a perfect balance between project management by industrial, commercial or agrifood customers who wish to get involved in all phases of the project. This type of service places the Frare & Gallant team in direct contact with you, from the design of the project to the delivery of the final product.

With You at All Times

Our project manager orchestrates all the work and involves you in all decisions, giving you the ability to adjust elements at any time. For complex projects requiring great flexibility, this is the ideal solution. From agrifood construction to industrial construction, as well as commercial, institutional, pharmaceutical and office space construction, this service is at the heart of the flexibility policy that has made Frare & Gallant famous.

Continuous Optimization

Because service excellence is at the heart of our philosophy, we apply competitive and advantageous fees by setting fixed prices or percentages of the actual cost of the work. With advanced IT tools, you are assured that every minute of your project is under control. Entrust us with your plans for factory or building construction. We build your future with you, to contribute to your provincial, national or international influence.

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