Pharmaceutical Construction

The execution of construction work in the pharmaceutical sector requires special attention. Pharmaceutical factory construction, pharmaceutical building renovation: Frare & Gallant gives you peace of mind in knowing that we will leave nothing to chance.

Attention to Detail

In this sector, we know just how important it is to pay close attention to every single detail. More often than not, the planning and verification stages are just as demanding as the delivery of the work itself. General contractor in Laval, Frare & Gallant has gained experience in the pharmaceutical plant construction field through several clean room projects and production area projects. We know how to undertake work that does not hamper your daily activities. Truly, a great benefit to your business.

A Global Vision

Regardless of the sector, whether it is agrifood construction rich in constraints, or pharmaceutical plant construction, again framed by standards of construction and hygiene, we rely on our ability to execute a project respecting your requirements, your schedule and your budget. Whatever your needs are, we have the resources to meet them. Your vision will become ours.

Probiotics Specialist - Pharmaceutical Construction Project