Time and Materials

This solution is the most advantageous in the case of emergency work leading to the cessation of production of an agri-food, industrial or manufacturing plant. It is also a favored service for small-scale one-off projects or extremely complex projects whose costs and scope are difficult to evaluate.

Honest Hourly Cost

Frare & Gallant has an extensive inventory of materials, tools and equipments, as well as a team of great expertise. This allows us to intervene at any time during emergency situations or for small jobs. The ""work, time and materials"" formula consists of providing you with the labor and material resources at a pre-determined hourly cost, no matter of your sector of activity: agri-food, industrial or manufacturing.

A Maximum Amount

This type of service does not make it possible to accurately anticipate the final cost of the work. That's why we establish with the client a maximum amount, avoiding unpleasant surprises. One less worry to allow you to act quickly, without hesitation! Trust Frare & Gallant, general contractor in Laval for 40 years.

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