Our Mission: Taking you Further than you Thought Possible

We have become leaders in our field by constantly striving to offer the best possible solutions for your needs. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of great expertise, we take on all types of projects in industrial and commercial construction.

We aspire to be a true partner in the implementation of your vision and concepts. We are committed to providing a solid foundation for your projects and being a pillar for your future success.

Our accreditations

Frare & Gallant knows how important it is to respect standards in construction, especially in the agri-food industry. That is why, all members of our construction team are trained to strictly adhere to the HACCP, GFSI, and SQF standards.

As a RBQ licensee for nearly 40 years, Frare & Gallant not only provides quality work but safe worksites too. Our company is part of several associations such as:

Values at the heart of our DNA


We will never offer you anything other than services of exceptional quality. All our projects rhyme with performance and excellence.


Our great flexibility and adaptability are born from our desire to be at your full disposal at all times.


We respect deadlines, budgets and, more importantly, individuals. We are convinced that the key to our success lies in the human relationships we cultivate.

Exceeding Expectations

Thanks to our great creativity and recognized expertise, we always strive to surpass ourselves. Whether with simple or complex projects, we constantly innovate in order to build the future.


The excellence of our work is a natural consequence of the passion we have for our business.

Our environmental commitment

At Frare & Gallant, we take our work seriously. We ensure that the way we work has a positive impact on our environment. The members of our team are selected not only for their ability to carry out projects based on their experience, but also to propose ideas that follow the environmental vision of our company.

Waste : Recycling and sorting waste, eliminating the use of environmentally unfriendly products are constant challenges in our industry. At Frare & Gallant, we are proud to do our part in reducing harmful elements to the environment.

Design : We are looking for designs that will not only help reduce the carbon footprint, but also help reduce energy consumption by using advanced technologies.

Our social commitment

At Frare & Gallant, our values are reflected in both our work and our community. We encourage our employees to participate in social causes that are important to us by supporting a variety of organizations and being concretely involved t in their missions and activities. For us, this is a way of joining the word to action.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Québec : For the second year in a row: determination, dedication and tenacity have allowed cyclers from the Frare & Gallant team to take on the 48-Hour Bike Challenge of Make-A-Wish ™ Foundation Quebec Edition 2019. With the kids in mind, they put their energy into accomplishing this task. We raised $18,145 for the foundation, thanks to our generous donors. With this, we will bring the children hope by making their biggest wishes come true!

La Traversée: The FRARE GALLANT group is proud to have offered its design and project management services to La Traversée, a non-profit organization that offers free psychological assessment and long-term psychotherapy services to victims of sexual violence.  This important project, worth more than $600,000, is also made possible thanks to the many partners of FRARE GALLANT, who have joined forces since last spring to enable the organization to pursue its mission of helping victims. of sexual violence in a most modern environment.

Moisson Québec: As part of the implementation of its new PRS program (Recovery Program in Supermarkets) as well as increased demand for food sharing needs for the various regional organizations, Moisson Québec has undertaken a major moving project. of its operations in a new Distribution Center in Quebec. The project included a building expansion of nearly 7,000 sq. ft. as well as the redevelopment of a 20,000 sq. ft. of an existing building. In order to carry out this project, the FRARE GALLANT team contributed its expertise by offering a value of $100,000 in project management time.

Food Banks of Quebec : We are actively involved in the Supermarkets Recuperation Program (SRP) which aims to collect unsold products from supermarkets in order to distribute them to 1,200 affiliated food aid organizations throughout Quebec in order to feed people in need. FRARE GALLANT is proud to support the $15M, 5-year fundraising campaign to ensure the deployment and operation of the SRP program. Click to learn more and make a donation.

Share the Warmth : Share the Warmth has a mission to sow hope and dreams by fighting hunger and poverty. The organization offers quality programs that improve food security, promote youth success, and provide employment training programs. Every month, the non-profit organization reaches around 4000 people in need, 80% of whom are young people. FRARE GALLANT contributes to this organization by repairing their large room, the educational space as well as the music rooms.

Welcome Hall Mission : The organization offers several programs to support the homeless, young mothers, poor families and young people in difficulty. Its goal is to give hope through concrete actions and effective solutions. During our family outings, the FRARE GALLANT team picked apples and donated more than 5,000 KG to Welcome Hall Mission.


At Frare & Gallant, we are very proud of what we do. With 40 years of experience in the construction industry, our goal is to provide the best service expected on every project.


Our mission is to provide quality construction and ideas that will benefit our customers. Good deals are repeat deals. We are guided by our customers and Frare & Gallant acts as a true partner in the best interests of our customers.


At Frare & Gallant, we believe in integrity, honesty and respect. We are all ambassadors of our brand and we act accordingly. From the broom to the bank, we are all equally responsible. Frare & Gallant is an equal opportunity employer and has a strict discrimination policy.


We are proud of the work we do and always strive to ensure that the end result meets all expectations. Whatever the size, at Frare & Gallant, we work to find the best solution to any problem that may arise. It is this ability to find solutions that sets us apart.

Our Team, our Wealth, our Added Value

Our success relies heavily on a team of talented individuals who share values of professionalism and respect for the client.
All members of the Frare and Gallant team are selected for their competence and experience, but also for their values, dedication and passion for their profession. We believe in the importance of a team committed to the success of complex projects, not only in fulfilling your mandates, but also for the innovative spirit that it stimulates.

We build your projects with

the greatest expertise