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For a city with a history as long as Montreal’s, one might think that everything that needed to be built on the island had already been done, but even a short walk or drive through the city and its immediate surroundings would indicate otherwise. Construction is booming in the city in all sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial – and now more than ever, it’s important for potential investors to find the best industrial construction company in Montreal.

For over 40 years, Frare Gallant has been providing the city’s investors with its considerable knowledge, techniques, and expertise in industrial construction, helping turn their commercial dreams into reality. With a proven mastery of various construction methods offered at competitive costs, the evidence of Frare Gallant’s efficiency and effectiveness can be seen in the numerous businesses whose projects have benefited from their services. Here are some examples!

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Construction Project Management – The BuzzFit Workout Project

Frare Gallant prides itself on adopting a flexible approach when collaborating with our clients: we aim to adapt to each of your needs and working styles. This philosophy is reflected in our approach to construction project management, in which we establish an open, participatory, and collaborative partnership, allowing clients who wish to be involved at every stage of the project to have direct contact with us.

This is the approach we took with Buzzfit, which commissioned the construction of several fitness centers throughout the city. Our project manager worked closely with the Buzzfit team, involving them in all decisions and giving them the opportunity to adjust elements at any time, which, for complex projects requiring great flexibility, is the ideal solution. The result has been the magnificent fitness facilities you can see scattered throughout the city, and Frare Gallant is proud to be Buzzfit’s contractor of choice!

Fixed Price – Keurig Coffee at a Regular Price

Finding an industrial construction company in Montreal that is both transparent, punctual, and not prone to constant cost overruns is at the forefront of every investor’s mind. After all, no one wants to pay more for what should cost them less.

Frare  Gallant fully understands this, as demonstrated by our project with Keurig. During a discovery meeting with Keurig representatives, our experts conceptualized and developed the entire project plans. Keurig then had the choice of selecting the general contractor or entrusting us with the construction project. Through open communication throughout the project and strict adherence to deadlines and budget, Frare Gallant delivered a beautiful office space that is both production-efficient and energy-saving.

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Industrial Maintenance – Keeping Time with Kronos

No matter how smoothly your operation runs, there will inevitably be times when your facility and its equipment require repairs. Frare Gallant offers one-time, ongoing, or emergency services to ensure that your production never stops. When Kronos needed a penthouse-style extension on the second floor of its warehouse in Varennes, we quickly constructed a sixty-foot bridge to connect the two buildings. Whatever type of maintenance you require, our team is available at all times: day, night, and weekends.

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