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Industrial Construction Montreal | Frare Gallant

For a city with as long of a history as Montreal, you’d think that everything that needed to be built on the island would have been already constructed, but even a quick walk or drive through the city limits and immediate outskirts would indicate that that’s not the case. Construction is booming in the city in all sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial – and now more than ever, it’s important for prospective investors to find the best industrial construction company in Montreal. 


For over 40 years, Frare & Gallant has been offering its considerable knowledge, technique, and expertise in industrial construction to investors all over the city, helping their business dreams become a brick-and-mortar reality. With a firm command of multiple construction methods that are provided at a competitive cost, the proof of Frare & Gallant’s effectiveness and efficiency are in the numerous companies whose projects have benefitted from their services. Here are just a few!

industrial construction montreal



Frare & Gallant prides itself on a malleable approach to working with our clients: we aim to adapt to each and every one of your needs and working styles. That philosophy is reflected in our approach to construction project management, in that we create an open, participative, and collaborative partnership in which customers who wish to get involved in all phases of the project are in direct contact with us. 


This was the approach we took with Buzzfit, who mandated the construction of multiple fitness centers all over the city. Our project manager worked closely with the Buzzfit team, involving them in all decisions and giving them the ability to adjust elements at any time, which, for complex projects requiring great flexibility, is the ideal solution. The result was the beautiful fitness installations you see scattered throughout the city, and Frare & Gallant is proud to be Buzzfit‘s contractor of choice!




Finding an industrial construction company in Montreal that is simultaneously transparent, punctual, and not subject to consistent periodic cost overruns is at the forefront of every investor’s mind. After all, nobody wants to pay more for what should be costing them less. 


Frare & Gallant understands this perfectly, as our project with Keurig illustrates. In a discovery meeting with the Keurig representatives, our experts conceptualized and elaborated upon the complete plans of the project. Keurig then had the choice of selecting the general contractor or entrusting us with the construction project. With open communication throughout the project and strict respect and adherence to the deadlines and budget, Frare & Gallant delivered a beautiful office space that was efficient in both production and energy savings.

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Regardless of how smoothly your operation is running, there are bound to be times when your installation and its equipment are in need of repair. Frare & Gallant offers one-time, continuous, or emergency service to ensure your production doesn’t cease. When Kronos needed a penthouse-style extension on the second floor of its warehouse located in Varennes, we quickly built a sixty-foot-long footbridge to connect two buildings. No matter what type of maintenance you need, our team is at your disposal any time: day, night, and weekend! 


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