Office Spaces

The construction of an office space requires a great deal of precision, focus to the established schedule and unwavering channels of communication. It’s your space, after all. Whether it's the construction of new offices, office space expansion or building renovation, we have the expertise to make your building project a success.

Sound Advice

In terms of office space construction, we can ensure proper communication with the owner in order to restrict the impact of the work on neighbouring tenants and on the general daily operations of the building. Furthermore, our expertise enables us to give you advice on compliance to industry standards and on upgrading outdated buildings, allowing you to reduce the operating costs.

Our Priority: Your Satisfaction

With more than one million square feet built over the years, Frare & Gallant, general contractor, continues to focus on customer satisfaction. Creating your office space will help shape your business. We are confident that our advice and expertise will continue to make their mark long after the completion of the work.

Video Game Company - Office Space Project Construction